How to LIVEN UP a Bedroom Having a Duvet Cover

best cotton duvet coverThe design of the bedroom shouldn't resemble one out of an ER room. With so many patterns, styles and colors to choose from, why settle for just the usual boring linens and walls? It is time to spruce things up by adding some color and life in to the bedroom and never have to spend a fortune. Your eye (and finances) will thank you for it. First things first, be rid of all the clutter in the room. Not merely will eliminating clutter help to make the room look more open up and appealing, it will also help avoid stress. "Mess is a reminder of things that should be getting done but aren't," says Elaine Aron, PhD, writer of The Highly Sensitive Person.

Purchase storage bins that may be positioned under the bed or kept away in the wardrobe. Storage bins, totes, etc. are available for under $20 at many local shops. Also, keep filthy laundry inside laundry baskets. If clothes hang from the laundry container or fall onto the floor. it might be a clear sign that it is time to do some laundry. Clean at least 2-3 times weekly to keep carefully the laundry under control and the bedroom smelling fresh.

Once the bedroom is free from all clutter, you can start with the decorating. The bed can help determine the colour of the walls and decor. The bed linen you choose will highly rely on your individual taste and how much you are willing to invest. I usually recommend using best duvet covers 2015 addresses as it pertains to bed linen. The duvet cover can be positioned over any old comforter you have at home.

You can actually save several dollars a year when it comes to laundering with this type of bedding because a lot of the duvet covers can be easily washed with all of those other sheets. Duvet covers are also available in many different patterns, styles and colors. They could be purchased only or in a established and cost nearly exactly like any other type of bedding.

When decorating, concentrate on the colour that is least noticeable on the bedding. This color will automatically stand out once the wall space are painted with that precise color. Select a duvet with vivid colors like hot pink, green and yellowish, if you truly want to produce a declaration or brighten the room more. Make sure to also use a bed ruffle or bed skirt with the duvet. This will not only hide the box spring but it will also improve the look of the bed.

When using solid bed linens, throw several small decorative pillows onto the bed. A number of the cushions must have a hint of the color that is on the bed linen. The walls can be painted the same color as the cushion of your choice. Create an accent wall if the color is too bold.

No carpeting? Toss an area rug next to the bed. Area rugs are less expensive than carpeting and can still provide you with the smooth warm feeling in the middle of your toes. Finish off the look with some coordinating curtains, vibrant wall artwork and several lamps for light.

Review on the Olive Kids Paisley Duvet Cover

Olive Kids recently launched a new girls bedding collection featuring the popular paisley design. I always prefer comforter covers and that is why the paisley duvet cover caught my eye the most. We all know how kids love to spill juice or drop spaghetti on the bed. Well the great thing about the good quality duvet covers cover is that laundering is actually pretty simple. All you have to do is remove the duvet cover from the comforter and throw it in the wash with the rest of the sheets. Duvet Covers are like giant pillowcases for our kids comforters.

best duvet covers 2015You place the duvets over the comforter and close it shut with either buttons, snaps, ties or even a zipper. This prevents the comforter from falling out. Placing a comforter inside the duvet cover can be pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

The paisley duvet cover features adorable little paisley patterns surrounded by small polka dots on a solid white backdrop. Take a closer look and you will see adorable little flowers inside the paisley motif, I love how they make the paisley's look fun and playful. The paisley pattern has been compared to the shape of a teardrop or the shape of the popular yin-yang symbol. It has gotten its name from the Scottish town in Paisley.

Although this lovely pattern was a popular fashion statement in the 1960's, the paisley can be traced back to the 19th century. It was first used on Kashmir Shawl's. A Shawl is s large cloth that is worn loosely around the neck, shoulders and upper body. Now you can find this unique pattern in just about anything you can think of, from wedding bands to guitars.

This Olive Kids bedding is also made of 100% Cotton Percale. Cotton Percale is actually a great choice when it comes to kids bedding. The term "Percale" describes the weave of the content and not necessarily the fabric itself. The Percale woven fabrics consists of an equal number of fibers in the width and height of the fabric.

Cotton Percale is soft and durable, which our kids need for a comfortable sleep. The Olive Kids bedding has a high 210 Thread Count as well. The thread count is actually the number of horizontal and vertical threads woven in one square inch. Any bedding piece with a thread count above 180 is considered to be ideal, which makes this bedding piece a great choice.